Telecom. Silicon. Quantum.

Solid-state hardware for distributed quantum information.

Being able to generate, store, and distribute single photons on a chip offers a powerful avenue for enabling quantum technologies - in communication, computing, and simulation. 

Our team is developing the capability to generate, store, and distribute quantum states to make quantum repeaters that can distribute photonic qubits across the existing C-band telecom infrastructure. By utilizing this same infrastructure that is used for data transfer today, our quantum technology aims to enhance the security of the network. Additionally, it will enable the distribution of quantum information across the network - facilitating the connection of quantum computers and sensors. Our technology uses rare earth atoms as qubits. 

Why Rare Earth qubits?

Exceptional Coherence

Stores quantum information for longer periods

Telecom Emission

Compatible with fiber optic communication infrastructure

Noise Resilience

Rare earths are protected by the intrinsic electronic structure 

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